Ireland travel guide: Top 9 things to see and do in beautiful Connemara

We’ve always been fascinated by the rural roads we get to drive in Ireland as the unknowns that come with each trip provide a visceral sense of completeness.  And, because a road trip to Connemara,  a beautiful and at times desolate area,  has been on our wish list for way too long, two weeks ago, we set the sails towards County Galway.

Now, a few days later, sitting in front of the flickering screen and listening to the soft tapping of the rain, I’m still searching for the right words to describe our trip to Connemara. All I know, for now, this trip has been so widely successful, that I often talk about it with bright eyes.

And how can I not too! Connemara is a wild expanse of land dotted with miles of boglands, dramatic peaks and beautiful white-sand beaches. It’s home to interesting tourist attractions, Connemara National Park and a mixture of wild rivers and lakes. It’s a place where the Irish language is still spoken and it’s where many Irish traditions still thrive today.

In addition to beautiful scenery, we were treated to perfect weather conditions. The sun, the ocean and the warm summer breeze evoked lots of constructive emotions and contributed generously to the perfect road trip around one of the most scenic parts of Ireland!

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Connemara is renewed for its wonderful scenery.

Ireland travel guide: Top 9 things to see and do in beautiful Connemara

If you are planning on visiting Ireland in the future, then there is no better place where to see natural wonders and visit beautiful attractions than the Connemara region.

In Connemara, you’ll get a chance to talk to the local people about how they spend their days, the way they live and what they love. You’ll get a chance to rejuvenate and return home as a much happier human being.

If your itinerary allows, we would recommend at least two full days to explore Connemara and soak up all the goodness. Below we listed some of the most amazing things to see and do in Connemara.

#1. Explore amazing beaches 

Connemara is known for its beautiful and secluded beaches. The Dogs Bay, Coral Strand, Eyrephort Beach and Glassilaun Beac are just some of the visually striking ones, but there are many more. On a warm summer’s day, when the water is crystal clear, and the sun is out, expect to find beaches busy with kids running around and with people enjoying beautiful surroundings.

After hiking adventures in Connemara National Park, we ended up on one of the most paradisiac beaches we have ever seen! As we sat together in an idyllically blooming meadow, surrounded by wildflowers and with cows wandering just a few feet away, the splashing of the water sparked our curiosity. The day was bright and calm and much to our surprise, we spotted a couple of dolphins playing in the bay.

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Postcard picture perfection.

#2. Drive The Sky Road

The Sky Road is one of the most picturesque areas in the Connemara region and well worth the short drive to take in the views of the Atlantic coast and its offshore islands; Inishturk and Turbot. Driving through Ireland’s rural regions where the roads are notoriously narrow, requires a steady hand, but with only 16 km in length, you have to give it a go – it’s considered one of the most scenic drives in all of Ireland.

The road is of excellent quality, and along the route, you’ll find a couple of lookout points as well as Connemara’s largest town Clifden. At the highest point, you’ll find a spacious car park and a viewing area which provides visitors with a perfect platform to take photos and enjoy the region’s natural beauty.

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The Sky Road in Clifden is one of the most picturesque areas in the Connemara region.

#3. Scale inviting mountain peaks

Diamond Hill is a 442m high mountain located in Connemara National Park, Letterfrack. The hike up Diamond Hill starts at the Visitor’s Centre and is one of the most incredible experiences in Ireland.  If you love exploring national parks and going on walks while seeing the beautiful scenery then here, you’ll have several options depending on how much time and energy you’ve got.

You can choose to go for a restorative and relaxing walk on the Lover Diamond Loop walk or test your physical conditions on a steeper yet more rewarding hike on the Upper Loop from where you can see Kylemore Abbey, Mweelrea to the North, Tully Mountain to the West and the Twelve Bens mountain range to the North.

The trails are well marked and easy to follow with a mix of dirt, gravel and boardwalk cover. The Upper trail is moderately difficult and combined with the Lower trail measures around 7 km in length.

Opening Times | Visitors centre facilities provide a free car park, toilets, cafe, exhibition and picnic area. The Park Grounds are open all year round, and the Visitors Centre is open daily (except Christmas Day & St. Stephen’s Day).

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The summit is always a treat, especially when hiking in Connemara!. Stunning views from the top of Diamond Hill, Connemara

#4. Discover Connemara islands

If time and weather permit, take a ferry to Insihbofin Island, located 10 kilometres off the coast near Clifden. The boat departs from Cleggan Pier, and the crossing takes up to 30 minutes, and once on the island, you’ll be greeted by rare flora and fauna, white sand beaches and a wealth of historical sites.

Once home to exile monks and fugitive pirates, today the beautiful island has a population of 200 full-time residents. In the summer month, there are three daily crossings and two during the winter. For ticket prices, updates and timetables, check the Inishbofin Ferry website.

If you don’t have enough time to go on a boat trip, you can stop by Derryclare Lough featuring Pine Island and take in one of the most beautiful views in Connemara.

Beautiful Derryclare Lough is situated just 20 km east of Clifden, on the N59 Galway Road.

#5. Visit Kylemore Abbey 

One of Connemara’s jewels that are not to be missed is Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Gardens. The Abbey, once a 19th-century manor house built by a wealthy doctor from Manchester,  is well preserved and beautifully restored and makes for a great day trip from Galway.

The entrance fee to the estate for an adult is Eur 14, and you’ll be able to see only four rooms on the ground floor, but it’s well worth venturing inside to hear the story and history of the place.

A short walk from Kylemore Abbey is a Gothic Church. It looks fairly small from the outside, but once inside, you are in a different dimension. This little place is full of peace, love and tragedy.

Victorian Walled gardens are not too far away and having a walk instead of a bus ride gives you the opportunity to take tons of photos of surrounding peaks, old trees, lakes and all that greenness of Ireland.

Kylemore Abbey is home to Benedictine nuns since 1920 and it’s one of the must-see sites in Connemara, Ireland.

#6. Explore Connemara National Park

With only 20 square kilometres in size, Connemara National Park is one of Ireland’s six national parks that are covered in scenic boglands, grasslands, forests and heat. The Park first opened its doors to the public in 1980 when the privately owned land was donated to the government.

The park and its visitor’s centre are free to visit, and you can stop by it to pick up maps and information on various walks and hikes. The Visitor’s Centre also houses several exhibits on natural history and the Tea Room, open every day from 9:30 am to 5 pm, serves hearty soups and toasted sandwiches.

The entrance to the park and visitors centre is located near Letterfrack, and the most popular walk in the Park is the Diamond Hill loop walk. Although the path is well maintained, you still need to bring proper footwear and rain gear. Once on the trail, keep your eyes open for unique flora, fauna and Connemara ponies.

Take your time to discover Conemmara’s trails.

#7. See the Killary Fjord

Seeing Ireland’s only fjord that stretches out 16 kilometres from the Atlantic ocean, forming a natural border between County Galway and County Mayo, is a must when exploring Connemara. No matter what the weather, the scenery is lovely, and the views are spectacular.

The Killary Fjord is home to a vast range of marine mammals and at its deepest reaches to 45 metres. It’s also a place for mussel farms where blue-shell mussels are grown and harvested.

An excellent way to see the fjord from a different perspective is to go on a Killary Fjord Boat Tour. You’ll get to see how the fjord weaves through the Park complementing the beautiful valley with its natural colours.

The tour departs from Nancy’s Point on the south side of the fjord which is only a short drive from Leenane and if you are lucky there’s a chance to see dolphins too.

Famed for its scenic beauty, Connemara is a very popular holiday region on the west coast of Ireland.

#8. Visit Aasleagh Falls

Stumbling upon a beautiful place without expecting it is one of the best feelings. Situated a short drive from beautiful Leenane Village is Aasleagh Falls. To reach the picturesque setting, just head out northwest on R336 toward N59, past St. John Baptist Church and turn left onto R335. 

You can park on a lay-bay near the waterfall, and if you wish to see it up close, from the road, there’s a little pathway winding along the River Erriff that can bring you right to it. The waterfall itself is fairly small and marks the natural boundary between County Galway and County Mayo.

The Erriff River provides an incredibly rich habitat for Ireland’s native freshwater species. A few days after we visited the falls, I learned that David Attenborough and a crew from the BBC had once filmed a documentary about young eels that live in the pools at Aasleagh Falls.

Aasleagh Falls are about 3.5 m tall and make for a lovely stopping point.

#9. Explore Inagh Valley

The R344 road takes you through the beautiful Inagh Valley with the Maum Turk mountain range to the right, and the Twelve Bens to the left. You can bike, drive or even walk through the stunning scenery which is said to be one of the most picturesque in all of Connemara.

Keep your camera ready because every twist and turn on the road takes you closer to the Irish countryside scattered with turf racks, glimmering lakes, and plenty of sheep and heather-covered mountains.

You can even escape reality for a couple of nights and settle into idyllically located Lough Inagh Lodge which offers beautiful lake and mountain views. It’s where the Hollywood movie Marley and Me starring Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson was filmed. 

Driving past Ballynahinch Lough, keep your eyes open and you will see the ruins of the ‘castle on the lake’ which once served as a prison for those who had ill-treated animals.

Inagh Valley is one of the most scenic valleys in Connemara.

How to get to Connemara

Beautiful Connemara, located in the northwest corner of County Galway, is known for its rugged beauty and vast landscapes and is easily accessible from both, Galway and Dublin.

It may look fairly small on the map,  but due to the small country roads and the sheer amount of things to do, it’s best to plan everything accordingly and be on the road early.

  • Day tours | There are plenty of organized day tours both from Galway and Dublin to Connemara. Depending on the tour you choose you’ll get to see Lough Corrib, Cong, Galway City, Kylemore Abbey and more. Organized day tours from Dublin can depart as early as 6.30 am, so you have to be ready for a long, but memorable day.
  • By Car | The best way to reach Connemara and visit all the must-see sites is to rent a car and get a very early start to maximize your time in the area. Travelling from Dublin to Kylemore Abbey via M6 can take up to 4 hours one way and from Galway  – up to 1 h and 30 minutes.
The name Connemara (Conamara) translates as ‘Inlets of the Sea’.

Where to stay in Connemara

If you wish to explore Connemara National Park then the best place to stay is in Letterfrack Village. You can also use Clifden as your base for exploring Connemara as it offers more accommodation options, guesthouses, B&B and the quaint Abbeyglen Castle Hotel.

Some of Ireland’s best camping and multi-award-winning campsites are located in Connemara. They might be a bit out of the way, but given the scenic locations, are well worth the drive. Clifden Eco Beach campsite is located on a white-sand beach and offers incredible mountain and ocean views.

Clifden Eco Camping Address: Claddaghduff Road Wild Atlantic Way, Connemara, Clifden H71 W024 Ireland

The colourful coastal views at Clifden Eco campsite in Connemara.

…    …    …    …    …    …    …    …     …    …    …    …    …    …    …    …    …    …    …    …    …    …

Now, over to you!

Have you been to Connemara? Let us know in the comments below!

Let us know if you are plotting a visit to Connemara and have travel-related questions!

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80 thoughts on “Ireland travel guide: Top 9 things to see and do in beautiful Connemara

  1. Your beautiful photos bring back memories of this region where you feel far away from everything. Take the time to stop, let the shower pass and the next sunshine is even brighter.
    Thanks for the trip.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much. If you’re looking for unspoiled and remote stretches of soft white sands and vastness of scenic beauty spots then Connemara should be on your travel wish list. Because of its location at the edge of Europe, there are plenty of amazing tidal islands, tunning peninsulas and also a notable history connected to modern-day travel and communication. It was here on the 15th of June 1919, that John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown made landfall after completing the first-ever trans-Atlantic flight. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. I hope all is well. Aiva

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  2. Another excellent post about Ireland Aiva! Well, we visited Galway many many years ago, however, we’ve never been to Connemara. This part of Ireland seems to be very romantic! I guess, not only on a sunny day 🤩 We would love to explore this picturesque region one day. Thank you for sharing! Take care, Martina x x x.

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    1. Hi, Martina. How are you today? I cherish every single trip we had a chance to fulfil this year, be it exploring Ireland’s southwest or visiting nearby county Mayo. But I particulary loved Connemara which means “inlets of the sea”. When you look at the map you can see that it has a jagged coastline filled with lots of little inlets and that the interior is more mountainous. And if there are mountains, my heart is happy. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva xxx


      1. You are very wellcome Aiva. There are many beautiful places with mountains in England as well, however, far away from our home. Therefore, we’ll try to explore them a next year 🤞. I had a very busy day at work today – finally I made it home 🙈. Take care x x x

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  3. Absolutely stunning scenery Aiva. We barely touched on the area in fall 1977, due to the perpetual Irish mist… I can see we will have to come back and explore the Diamond Hill hike. Great views indeed. Thanks for sharing your experience and looking forward to more. Stay well. Allan

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    1. Thank you, Allan. We arrived through Galway, also known as the City of the Tribes, continued through the lovely village of Oughterard and emerged into the spectacular scenery of Connemara where we the peat fires and their unique blue smoke lingered in the air. We were delighted to see the blue sky and spectacular scenery that Connemara is so famous for. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva

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  4. Wow, another amazing part of Ireland. Your pictures and wonderful descriptions make me feel like I saw it in person. Can I ask what program you are using for your Pinterest links? I don’t do anything on Pinterest, but am considering it. Thanks,Maggie

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    1. Hi, Maggie, how are you today? One of the reasons why we were so eager to explore Connemara was mountains. Although the highest peaks in Ireland are in County Kerry near Killarney National Park, there are some beautiful mountains and hills in Connemara. The Twelve Bens are the most famous of the mountains of Connemara and the tallest of the Bens is Benbaun at 729 meters, which isn’t that big. But these peaks rise up from about sea level and are quite imposing — and beautiful.

      I don’t do anything at all on Pinterest. I love the idea of it and inspired by all the photos, last year I set up an account to drive traffic to our blog and that’s as far as I’ve managed to get. I know that if you move the cursor over any of the photos on the blog, you can save them on Pinterest, and it’s because Valters tried to set it up, but never quite got to do it.

      I wish I could be more helpful, Maggie. I know I am most likely missing out by not promoting Our Crossings on Pinterest, but yet another social media account just makes me cringe because I already spend to much time on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. I hope all is well. Aiva xxx

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      1. Well you got even further than me on Pinterest. I don’t even know how to make the pictures ‘pinable’. I’m not great with social media either but I heard how great Pinteret can be so I thought I’d try. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful trips in Ireland! Maggie

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    1. Thank you very much. To see hidden Ireland off the main tourist track, road trip through the scenic landscapes of Connemara is a must. Our main focus was a visiting Kylemore Abbey and exploring trails of Connemara National Park where we meandered at your own pace. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva

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    1. Thanks so much. We loved being back in Connemara and stopping by Kylemore Abbey and Gardens, a nineteenth-century castle now owned by the Benedictine nuns who run an excellent pottery, gift shop and restaurant here. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva

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    1. Thank you very much, Jo. Although Connemara is a scenic place to explore the land is not fertile; there aren’t crops growing here nor will you see much cattle. What you do have is peaty bogland. And this peat is cut to turn into fuel for putting in your fireplace. Thanks for reading and have a good day. Aiva

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  5. You’ve commented on a couple of my posts about how colorful the rocks are, but as I was looking at your photos here I was thinking how lush and green everything looks! It’s all brown and dry in Colorado this time of year. Seems we both miss the landscapes we don’t often get to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it’s funny that way, isn’t it? I love Ireland, I love its history and culture yet sometimes I would love to explore proper mountains and enjoy the change of scenery. Dublin is at high risk of moving to level four, and we are set to stay close to home throughout the winter. We are now a solid seven months into this pandemic and the country has officially been put into recession. Hopefully, things will be different next year. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope so too! Case counts are climbing rapidly where I am too so I fear we might soon find ourselves in a similar situation. Hope you guys are able to stay safe and healthy this winter!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. This sounds like such a wonderful trip!! All of the scenery looks absolutely gorgeous, and it does sound like there are so many fun things to do in the area. That abbey looks incredible… It must have been so cool to be able to see the four rooms and walk around the outside.
    Hope your week is off to a great start!

    Miles of smiles,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Grace. History, people, beaches and mountains are just a few reasons to explore Connemara. As we live just a few hours drive away, a quick weekend road trip was a no-brainer. With Ireland now on Level 3 lockdown, I am so glad we had a chance to escape Sligo.

      Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden Originally built as a Castle in 1867 as a romantic gift is one of my favourite places to visit in Ireland. I can easily spend hours walking through the blooming gardens and taking in the scenic views. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a good day. I hope all is well. Aiva

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Connemara is is a cultural region in County Galway famous for its stunning beaches, mounting and friendly people. We only had a chance to explore it over a weekend, but it was more than enough to fill us up with gratitude and happiness. Thanks for reading and have a good day. Aiva

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  7. Just beautiful, as all the parts of Ireland you’ve showcased seem to be. Alas, a blog buddy of mine – Josh from Wanderlust – just put out a post listing where Americans can travel right now (without extensive quarantine requirements) and Ireland’s not on the list. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. Connemara is a scenic place yet the land is harsh with wild heather, and I am always in awe at how people can handle it.

      At least you are allowed to travel to places. Ireland’s green list is now empty and all arriving passengers should restrict their movements. Until midnight this morning Cyprus, Finland, our home country Latvia and Liechtenstein were on the Green List but, based on the latest data these countries have now been removed.

      As a second wave of the coronavirus began to sweep across Ireland, we were asked, yet again, to stay within our county boundaries and to restrict our movements. That means no travelling around Ireland at all ( insert a long, deep audible breath expressing sadness).

      Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. I hope all is well. Aiva

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    1. Thanks so much, Christie. Connemara was the perfect escape from the madness of the world. We loved the Sky Road; an outstanding coastal viewing point providing long views along the Connemara coastline and a popular location to witness some breathtaking sunsets over the Atlantic. Thanks for reading and have a good day. The sun is shining in Sligo and looks like it’s going to be a good day. Take care. Aiva xxx

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  8. Incredibly beautiful scenery, love your perspective, a great eye to capture something stunning. Lovely post with fantastic information. Cannot wait to get out there and travel to that emerald isle. Lovely Aiva, thank you for such a great post.
    All the best,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Francisco. We were eager to explore Connemara National Park and admire the incredible scenery where rugged mountains dominate the dramatic landscape. Diamond Hill in the Connemara National Park, with its wood and cut stone path, offers a very safe way to go hill-walking and that was just a perfect option when going hiking with a toddler. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva

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  9. What a charming region in Ireland. It looks like there is something here for everyone: a nice beach, great hiking opportunities, and a scenic drive. Ireland is at the top of my list of places to visit once travel restrictions ease and it’s safe to travel abroad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you kindly. We loved visiting County Galway and exploring the spectacular Connemara National Park. We didn’t meet the adorable Connemara Ponies or red deer, but we went hiking and spotted the famous Twelve Bens and visited magnificent Kylemore Abbey. Once the travel restrictions are lifted, I would love to go to Canada. But who knows when that’s going to happen. Ireland’s travel green list is empty, and sadly there are no places we can go to. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva

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  10. Wow, yet another stunning region in Ireland! It seems every posts surpasses the next and I feel like once I get the chance to visit, it’ll be tough to figure out how much I can reasonably fit in. Connemara is very appealing to me with its mix of gorgeous coastal scenery and beaches, outdoor activities and that beautiful abbey. Good to read about the nice camping facilities.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Caroline. We love Connemara and truly cherish every opportunity to explore it. Our favourite place is the Connemara National Park. While 3,000 hectares is probably next to nothing by the Canadian standards (Wood Buffalo National Park alone covers more territory than Switzerland) there are lots of family-friendly hiking options and plenty of wildlife.

      When it comes to travelling again, I feel the same. The more I read about Canada and things to do there, the more I realise that I might need a year to see all the new places that ended up my travel wish list this year. Thanks for stopping by. It’s always nice to hear from you. I hope all is well Aiva


    1. Clifden is an amazing place to stop by, but the jaw-droppingly gorgeous rugged scenery should not be missed. Just take the route known as the Sky Road that takes you out from the west side of Clifden and you’ll head in a loop that brings you back to Clifden. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Twelve Bens mountains, the Sky Road route is well signposted, as you experience the remarkable vistas on the peninsula that juts out over the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva


    1. Thank you. Exploring Connemara made for a perfect road trip with miles of expansive heaths, bogs, grasslands, woodlands and of course, the scenic, almost trademark mountains of the area. Can’t wait to go back one day for more. Thanks for reading and have a good day. Aiva


    1. Ireland is beautiful at any time of the year, and I hope you get to come over once the pandemic crisis is over. At the moment, no household visits are allowed and from what it looks like – we might be heading into a proper lockdown yet again because the National Public Health Emergency Team has recommended Ireland move to Level Five for a lengthy period of six weeks. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva


    1. Much appreciated, Ali. It doesn’t look like COVID 19 is going to end soon; the National Public Health Emergency Team has recommended Ireland move to Level Five for a lengthy period of six weeks. Despite the challenging times, we are trying to make the most of every day. With books and nature who could not be happy? Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Marie. With yet another lockdown looming over our heads, I am even more grateful for every opportunity we’ve had to explore Ireland this year. Thanks for stopping by and take care. xxx Aiva


    1. Thank you very much, Katie. Getting back to nature and discovering the untamed beauty of the west of Ireland always makes for a memorable trip. The Connemara region is absolutely gorgeous, and we devoted half a day to visit Kylemore Abbey. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend. Aiva


  11. This feels so spacious. What an amazing post. Thank you for adding some much-needed breath of fresh air to the world today. It is so inspiring to know that the sky is blue and the air is fresh out there and it is not just this dreary pandemic business.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much. There are many things to see and do in Connemara. We only had a weekend and decided not to rush through the region. Instead, we wanted to savour the natural beauty Connemara is so famous for. Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well. Even with yet another lockdown looming over our heads – the National Public Health Emergency Team has recommended Ireland move to Level Five for a lengthy period of six weeks – we can still choose to stay positive and help those in need. Take care. Aiva


    1. Thank you, Kerry. We were treated to sunny days and warm weather, and it made a huge difference for exploring rural Ireland and Connemara. The land here is laced by stone walls and the scenery is increasingly dramatic. I am so glad we had a chance to escape Sligo boarders for a weekend because now we are back in the second lockdown. We are only allowed to go as far as 5 km from where we live which isn’t a lot. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva

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  12. We visited many of these places when we were Ireland – Galway, the Sky road, Kylemore Abbey, Killary Fjord, Dublin, and of course Connemara, I have a beautiful bracket of Connemara marble we bought as an anniversary gift when we were there. Great memories! Thanks for a wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad to hear you’ve been to Connemara and seen the beautiful landscape. This was our fourth time exploring the Gaeltacht region and we ere still in awe. I love photographing its wind­swept bogs and innumerable lakes. Oscar Wilde once described Connemara as a ‘savage beauty’, and I love how the region still remains relatively untamed. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva


    1. I am glad to hear you loved your time exploring Ireland. Connemara is an untamed region of pristine lakes and mountains located in the west of County Galway and anyone that has a chance to explore it, will fall in love. I hope you get to come back one day. Thanks for reading and have a good day. Aiva

      Liked by 1 person

  13. You have me begging for more with first picture. I truly hope to travel nature blessed Ireland one day. I don’t think I’m ready to ride an airplane with the pandemic, but with a bit of imagination, I will be enjoying Ireland through your eyes and heart of adventures. Happy weekend & stay safe always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. We had a blast exploring Ireland this year. It’s easy to neglect the top attractions in your country. Many people are often thinking they’ll get around to see them some time, right?. A staycation, a budget-friendly alternative to a pricey flight, hotel and all the other costs of taking a vacation, was just the thing we needed. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Pam, Although, we didn’t get to travel anywhere this year, we still had a fantastic summer. We mainly stayed in Sligo, with a few trips extending to nearby counties like Mayo and Galway. The terrain in Connemara is stunning, and it includes rocky mountain tops, open hillsides, wet bogs, sheep tracks, and hundreds of irregularly shaped lakes. We were so delighted to be back. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva


    1. You are very welcome. Clifden Eco Beach is one of those places that deserves a mention. We had a fantastic stay and the location and scenery are simply stunning. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva 🙂


  14. Wow, thank you for this detailed travel guide to Connemara. I love your descriptions. I have never visited Ireland, but my great-grandparents were from there, County Cork. I plan to visit someday, and my husband and I will have to visit Connemara, when we do.

    What would be the top five things for a first time visitor to Ireland to know?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Annie, I hope you get to visit Ireland one day and wonder at its natural wonders. If you are planning on visiting the Emerald Isle, it’s a good idea to brush up on a few things before you leave. The most important thing to know before visiting Ireland is your geography. Although Irish people are friendly and welcoming, you won’t leave a good impression if you are completely ignorant about their country. It can be confusing for foreigners who haven’t researched the history of Ireland to know, but it’s a good idea to learn the difference between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Also – don’t forget to bring your rain gear and make sure you don’t bypass the rural areas. If you love shopping then you’ll be glad to find out that non-EU travellers can shop Tax-Free. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Aiva 🙂 xxx

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