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Hello, and welcome to Our Crossings,

the independent website for tourist attractions and sightseeing advice. 

We are so grateful that you’re taking the time to click through to this page to learn a little more about us. 

We are four Latvians, Aiva, Ericeira, Madara and Valters, currently living in Sligo town on Ireland’s West Coast and together we make up Our Crossings. 

Our story began two decades ago when we stumbled upon each other through pure serendipity in a small town north of Dublin. After 20 years of travelling together, we created Our Crossings travel blog to log our outdoor adventures, failures and triumphs.

While working in full-time jobs we have visited over 30 countries and 90+ cities, many of them several times.

We hope that this blog encourages you to make the most of every single day on the road. We invite you to update your passport and search for your favourite spot – Earth is a beautiful place worth seeing!

Exploring Ireland with a campervan

About Our Crossings Travel Blog

Our Crossings was created on a warm summer’s day and the main reason for it; we wanted to combine our biggest passions in life – travel, writing and photography.

To have a creative space for personal growth and to have our own platform where we can raise our voices about things we are passionate about is what matters to us.

This travel blog covers the world. However, it has a special place for Ireland and Wild Atlantic Way as we love most things Irish and we love living and surfing on the coast.

In addition to travel stories, loads of real-life photographs and personal information about us, we try to provide value. With this travel blog, we aim to share and provide:

  • Useful ideas for your next trip
  • Tried and tested road trip itineraries
  • Mini-guides to beautiful European cities
  • Travel costs and heaps of practical tips
  • Honest recommendation

Our travel philosophy

We firmly believe there is more to travel than just collecting stamps and air miles. After all, travel isn’t a competition. For us, the allure of travel is not a matter of mere numbers; it is what we find while being on the road- friends, natural wonders and good surf.

In fact, we love to revisit countries we have already been to numerous times. We like to return at different seasons to explore every coastal inlet and every little village, this way we can get the real feel of it and can honestly say that we have been to a particular place.

Our primary goal in travelling this dynamic World is not to escape but to transform, understand other people’s views and beliefs, encourage personal growth and connect.


Fulfilling our dreams

Our biggest dream manifested into reality when in January 2018, after 10 years in Dublin, we moved to a place where the Atlantic Ocean touches the land.

Living with a purpose on Ireland’s West Coast, where unparalleled energy is emitted in the surrounding ocean is a fantastic gift we get to enjoy every day now. We are super happy and beyond amazed to call Sligo our new home.

Shortly after settling on Ireland’s West coast we blissfully experienced yet another big dream come true moment, that completely reshaped our minds.

New experiences and plentiful wandering came flooding into our lives as soon as we found the most perfect family campervan ever! We devoted weekends to exploring Ireland and learned that the world is full of amazing surprises.

What else?

We are pescatarians with a sweet tooth, mostly for biscuits and organic chocolate.

Our favourite tree is a giant sequoia called General Sherman.

Our long-term plan is to cover as much of Ireland and the rest of the world as possible.

We are minimalists down to our core.

And, we firmly believe that the cure for everything is saltwater– sweat, tears or the sea.

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All content on this site (photos, stories, videos, etc.) is the property of Our Crossings unless otherwise stated.

Our Crossings is an independent entity and is not supported by any hotel, tour or travel-related company in any way – we personally plan and fund all our travel adventures.

There are no affiliations in any of the blog posts – all the recommendations are based purely on our experiences, it’s all legit love.

As always, we aim to be transparent! We never recommend anything that we do not use ourselves and fully believe in.

Prices and facts on Our Crossings travel blog are believed to be correct at the time of writing. Please check official tourism websites for more up-to-date information and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you spot a mistake.

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